What is your baby’s view of the world?

In April the Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland launched an online campaign to raise awareness that children’s human rights are for all children from birth.  Please visit  https://babyblether.com to take part in this campaign.

Children’s human rights are for all children from birth. Babies and children find out about their rights through their relationships with their family and the people who care for them. Talking, listening, singing and playing with your children helps them to experience their human rights.

We all have human rights, but the world recognises that babies and children need extra protection. Their rights are set out in an international law for all children under 18 called the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (or UNCRC for short).

If you care for a baby aged 2 or under then please do take part. Look at the world through their eyes, capture what it is they see and share their baby blether.

Christmas Fair 

Friday 9th December 3pm – 6pm

Please come and join us for lots of fun and prizes to be won!

£3 per child includes a visit to Santa’s grotto

£2 per adult includes refreshments

Tickets available from school office or pay at the door on the night.



Our Official Opening

On Wednesday 23rd November our school was officially opened by Mr John Swinney, Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills.  Our children were fantastic!  The P4-P7 tour guides showed our school off to our guests with confidence and enthusiasm and the class presentations were outstanding.

Gore Glen School Opening

Gore Glen School Opening

Gore Glen School Opening

Gore Glen School Opening

Gore Glen School Opening

Gore Glen School Opening

Gore Glen School Opening

Please also see midlothianview.com for further pictures and comments.

Our ‘BOATS’ days begin!

Bring Our Adults To School begins this week

Parents and Carers are invited to join us in school on Wednesday 5th October between 7pm – 8pm when Mrs Marr will share our learning and teaching theories and principles with you.  Our focus for this visit is Active Learning:  Learning through Play in P1 and Glenable plus Quickstarts in P2 – P7.  As active learning is the core approach in our Nursery class, there is not a specific focus on Nursery during this presentation but Nursery parents and carers are very welcome to come along and take part.

Following the overview on Wednesday evening, parents and carers are invited to join us in class on Thursday morning between 9.00 – 10.00 (6th October) to enjoy the theory becoming practice.  Parents and carers are welcome to join in with the learning in their child’s class but also visit other classes to see what is happening there, too.

We look forward to seeing you there.